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Old English Lots of pepper, herbs and onion in this best seller
Marmalade Loaded with citrus and sweet notes, this sausage is perfect with pork.
Moroccan A blend of yoghurt, chilli and mint that works perfectly with lamb, chicken or pork
White Cumberland Nutmeg and pepper combine for a perfect pairing to pork
Chipotle Chilli Smokey chilli heat combined with chilli flakes & paprika will add colour to your counter
Firecracker Three types of chilli in this mix. It deserves a heat warning, but is still tasty.
Pork & Hop Floral notes from the hops, beautifully compliment the sweetness of the pork
Porkie Leekie Stuffed to the gills with leeks and a background of nutmeg to enhance the meat


Premium Pork A peppery sausage, with a touch of mace and sage.
Italian Classic Italian flavours of tomatoes, oregano & garlic with visual from red peppers
Chorizo Fusing smoke, garlic and heat into a classic British banger
Chicken & Herb Sage & onion, the perfect pairing for chicken or game
Orange & Cranberry Orange oil and visible cranberry go perfectly with poultry and game
Spicy Garlic Loaded with garlic and spice, with a blend of herbs.
Lamb & Rosemary Rosemary, pepper & garlic combine to make a Sunday roast in a sausage
Pork & Chestnut Plenty of dried chestnut and a sprinkle of parsley
Garlic Supreme Loaded with garlic and complemented with rosemary & oregano
West Country Cider Apple Plenty of apple peices, a selection of herbs and a dash of clove.
Juniper & Black Pepper Juniper berries, pimento and black pepper make this a distinctive classic
Chilli & Garlic A colourful sausage rammed with chilli heat and garlic sweetness
Lincolnshire Plenty of sage & pepper. A truly classic flavour combination
Tinted Beef Pepper, ginger and a touch of coriander combine in this meaty sausage
Beef & Horseradish The spicy mix that has heaps of horseradish. A traditional flavour in a sausage
Pork & Chives Stuffed with chives, nutmeg and pepper
Hickory Honey Smokey & sweet, a firm family favourite with honey tones
Pork & Red Onion Plenty of red onions make this visually appealing as well as very tasty
Cracked Black Pepper Launched due to popular demand, brimming with black pepper.
Pork & Mustard Mustard powder combined with black & yellow mustard seeds.
Hunters Feast Nutmeg & pepper & lots of herbs to make it perfect with Venison & Wild Boar
Welsh Dragon Loaded with leeks and chillies for extra fire
Irish A herby sausge that’s a good all rounder & perfect for breakfast
Quick Links
Game Nutmeg, peppers and oregano, with a touch of cranberry
Pork & Apple Plenty of apple pieces, plus a hint of ginger & herbs
Rogan Josh A rich and tomatoey flavour with all the warm spicing of this classic dish
Louisiana Smoky, with garlic, fennel and a hint of chilli
Lebanese 7 Spice Tasty and not spicy. A blend of cumin, coriander, pepper & ginger.
Thai Handfuls of coriander, dash of lime oil and a pinch of chilli