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Leonards was formed during the late Eighties in Portsmouth. Having started out producing high quality sausage mixes for butchers in the local area, when Barry Lelliott purchased the business he saw great potential in the products. The challenge for Barry was to bring the company’s excellent products to the rest of the country. To do this he relocated it to a custom fitted factory in the beautiful East Sussex countryside.This high quality factory gave the business the opportunity to expand its sales to all areas of the UK. The factory had to be extended several times, more than doubling the size, to keep pace with the growth.
In the mid nineties Barry’s son, Jon, joined the business after completing his BSc in Chemistry. Jon started on the factory floor before working his way up the management structure, and in 2006 he became a partner in the business ensuring that Leonards will still be a family business for years to come.
Under Jon’s guidance Leonards has continued to expand, firstly by supplying the manufacturing market, and secondly by expanding the business abroad. Leonards’ products are now exported to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and we are always looking to build up relationships within these countries.
@leonards.co.uk t : 01825 760262 f : 01825 769254 e : info@leonards.co.uk
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