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Flavours for Christmas
The nights are drawing in, the wind has got a Wintery bite to it, it can only be the run up to Christmas Nows the time to start thinking of the Festive flavours you want in your shop, and here at Leonards we have a wide range of flavours to help you :
Complete Sausage Mixes
Pork & Chestnut
Cranberry & Orange
Sage & Onion
Pork, Honey & Thyme
Gluten Free Stuffings
Gluten Free Glazes
Cranberry, Chestnut & Apple
Cranberry & Orange
Whiskey & Honey
Honey Mustard
Sticky Maple
Sweet sticky maple, the obvious choice for Turkey or chicken
Imagine your Christmas ham or gammon covered with this honey sweet glaze with hit of mustard
A kick of whiskey flavour , blended with sweet honey - for an adult treat
The festive trinity in one stuffing mix, all I can say is yum!
Lots of chestnut, what says Christmas better than that
Sweet cranberry and sharp orange marry together in a perfect combination
Take this mix, replace some of the water with Whiskey and you have a truly grown up sausage
Bitter Orange with sweet cranberries brings your taste buds alive
A classic combination, but that doesn’t mean it is too simple for Christmas.