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If you are looking for complete custom blend then look no further. When you request a product development we will talk you through exactly what you are looking for. This means we will ask: What is the end application? What’s the intended meat content? Anything you don’t want included? (allergens, preservatives etc) Salt levels Pack sizing Labelling And a few others depending on the product. If you don’t know the answers that’s not a problem, we will develop in line to other products existing in your profile, and at all times ensure the product is suitable for its end purpose. Once we have developed a sample in our lab that we are happy fits the bill then we send it to you for feed back. If its spot on straight away then it can go straight into production. If you want a few tweaks to it then let us know. We will only stop development when you have the perfect product for your needs. This product is then delivered to you in the size and packaging you require. The whole process is kept confidential so the recipe is kept unique for you. We can develop: Seasonings for meat applications—sausages, burgers, kebabs, formed meat products Seasonings for Fish—fish cakes, glazes, coaters Glazes, Marinades and rubs Gravy Blends Gravy Thickeners Cures for hams, bacon, continental sausages Crisp Flavours Gourmet ready meals Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. We await your challenge.
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