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Peking Star anise and a rich purple/red colour for striking visuals
Fresh Mint Lots of rubbed mint and a perfect balance of sweet and sharp notes
BBQ Sweet and Smokey notes for a distinctive BBQ flavour
Sticky Maple Sweet, sticky maple, makes you want to keep eating it.
Tikka Masala The ultimate rich glaze. Not too spicy but very tasty
Chipotle Chilli A smokey, slightly spicy glaze full of flavour
“Bourbon” BBQ The traditional BBQ flavour with a good hint of Whiskey
Garlic Butter Subtle, sweet garlic with a creamy butter background
Tandoori Hot A truly hot glaze, with plenty of curry spices to add a depth of flavour


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Lemony Garlic Lemon oil gives a punch of sharpness contrasting with the garlic sweetness
Hot & Spicy Our hottest glaze yet. Spicy yet tasty makes you come back for more
Sweet & Sour What more can you say? Its sweet and sour and utterly delicious
Apple Caramel Natural Apple flavour with a strong sweetness. Perfect for Pork
Piri Piri A hot and spicy glaze with an added boost of freshness from lemons
Jamaican Jerk Chilli kicks and classic jerk sharp tang
Mexican Chilli Spicy chilli & lots of cumin. A chilli con carne flavour in a colourful glaze