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Pork & Apple Packed with apple pieces and complemented by cinnamon & pepper
Beef & Horseradish Brimming with Horseradish this gently tinted product looks and tastes great
Cracked Black Pepper & Juniper This is a sophisticated & light flavour that complements lamb & venison perfectly
Hot & Spicy A clean heat, with layers of flavour.Tastes exactly as it should
Cumberland A classic Cumberland with plenty of sage & pepper
Old English Our multi award winning mix of herbs, onion & spices now suitable for all
Premium Pork Uncomplicated flavour profile that lets the meat really shine
Honey Roast A simple, sweet flavour profile ideal to appeal to all the family
Porkie Leekie Loads of leeks, and a hint of pepper & herbs


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Minty Lamb Oodles of mint, giving a perfect balance to lamb sausage
Lincolnshire Sage & pepper. A classic & versatile combination
Cranberry, Apple & Rosemary Loads of fruit and a smidgeon of herb make a moreish sausage
Pork & Chestnut What else can I say, loads of Chestnut. Remember its not just for Christmas
Beef & Ale Subtle spicing brings out the Ale flavour. Can also add Gluten Free Ale in place of water for a real kick