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Cranberry,Orange & Rosemary Sweet cranberry, sharp orange and a herby taste make this stuffing very popular all year round
Sage, Apple & Onion Can you improve on a classic? We certaiinly feel you can, and this stuffing goes to prove it
Apricot & Ginger The sweetness of Apricot with a gentle warmth from Apricot


Chestnut Nothing says Christmas like this Chestnut Stuffing, but remember its not just a festive product
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Parsley, Lemon & Thyme A classic, but taken up a level. With a nice sharp/sweet balance from the lemon against the earthiness of the herbs
Date & Roasted Cumin A taste that is slightly more exotic. Dates and roasted cumin with a cheeky chilli kick
Sage & Onion Don’t need to say much about this one, pretty much does what it says. Lots of Onion and Sage are involved
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